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Hand and Foot Aromatherapy Massage

Consider rejuvenating hand and foot massage treatments on their own or as an add on to another holistic treatment.

Using essential oils and gentle massage to soothe away any of the stress held in the body. There are more nerve endings in the hand and feet and therefore they are very receptive to the gentle massage techniques used.

The foot massage begins often with just a light stroking of the top of the foot, between cords located there and at the instep moving in the direction of toe and ankle.

Hand massage incorporates similar techniques concentrating on knuckles and palms.

Initial gentle pressure yields to increasing pressure, with circular motions of the thumb and fingers over the sole of the foot and in areas such as the ball of the foot or heel of the hand.

As a wonderful antidote to stress, hand and foot massage gently dissolves day to day tension held in the body leaving the receiver relaxed and rejuvenated.

Experience the wellbeing today of a hand and foot massage.

You may find yourself hooked on this incredibly relaxing and beautiful therapy!

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